Our people are our greatest asset


We have assembled our team with a strong focus on staff development and the use of innovation.

We are continually building our capacity through the use of new technologies to present better ways of delivering our projects.

As a team we have worked to shape our business around a series of core values that speak to how we want to be seen externally by our clients as well as to underpin how we interact and work together as a team.


Andrew Hutton

Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Andrew has 28 years’ experience in the mining, agriculture, and extractive industry sectors. He is an industry leader in Mine Closure Planning with experience across a range of commodities preparing closure plans from concept plans through to detailed plans. He has experience in risk management, Environmental compliance and transactional due diligence. Andrew is a past Commissioner on the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) and current Alternate member of the NSW State regional Planning Panels.

Chris Cooper

Principal Consultant

Chris has over 12 years’ environmental experience in both government and consulting. He specialises in mine closure planning and rehabilitation strategies. Chris has previously worked as an NSW Resource Regulator assisting clients to achieve regulatory compliance, manage risks and assess rehabilitation performance.

Natasha Thompson

Senior Business Support Officer

Natasha brings over 20 years’ experience with Corporate Businesses, supporting CEOs, Managing Directors and Senior Executive Staff. She has extensive experience in writing policies and procedures, managing project budgets, tender support, coordination of conferences, invoicing and all things administration.

Chris Jones

Principal Consultant

Chris has over 14 years’ environmental consultancy experience. Key experience includes project management, rehabilitation and closure, preparation of management plans and risk assessments. Chris is also a certified auditor leading audits for mining, quarrying, industrial and agricultural clients.

Nick Staheyeff

Principal Consultant

Nick has more than 20 years’ experience investigating, planning and delivering high quality land rehabilitation and environmental improvement projects throughout NSW. He has a proven reputation for developing and delivering practical environmental and rehabilitation services to minimise risk and to improve environmental outcomes.

Nathan Archer

Principal Consultant

Nathan has 15 years’ industry and consulting experience and has expertise in the project management and delivery of a range of projects including Environmental Management Plans, Impact Assessments, Annual Reviews, environmental inspections and reporting, Mining Operations Plans, Rehabilitation and Closure Plans and Audit Reports. Nathan has extensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitation and closure cost estimations across numerous mine and industrial sites in NSW.

Jill Johnson

Principal Consultant

Jill has over 15 years’ environmental experience working mainly in operational and corporate roles within the mining industry. Jill has significant experience in mine closure planning and execution, compliance, stakeholder engagement and day-to-day mining operations.

Jessica Coffey

Principal Consultant

Jessica has 8 years’ experience in environmental management and consulting. She has experience in the preparation of environmental impact assessments for a range of developments in transport, infrastructure, waste, agricultural and mining sectors. Jessica also has experience in the preparation of environmental management plans, risk assessments and various site secondments as a contract environmental officer.

Will Mitry

Associate Consultant

Will has 15 years’ experience in environmental management, compliance and regulatory roles. He brings a broad range of skills from a diverse background in three important and high performing industries (heavy industry, underground mining and government) to his role. Will is known as an innovator, having developed industry leading systems in the mine rehabilitation and environmental compliance domains. He is inspired to use this innovative approach to help industry achieve positive mine rehabilitation and mine closure outcomes.

Rhys Williams

Associate Consultant

Rhys has over 7 years’ experience in environmental management. Rhys has a demonstrated history of working in the construction and mining industry. He has primarily worked in operational roles managing environmental monitoring systems, progressive mine rehabilitation, clearing campaigns, erosion sediment control, biodiversity, and heritage. Rhys is skilled in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and environmental data analysis. He has worked as a data analyst and Environmental Officer on State significant developments.

Rose Pascoe

Associate Consultant

Rose has 11 years’ experience in environmental management and consulting. Key areas of experience include project management, Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI), Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) and subsequent reporting, pre-acquisition due diligence investigations, conceptual site modelling, compliance monitoring and reporting, site audits, development of environmental management plans, Hazardous Materials Surveys (HAZMAT), data management, stakeholder engagement and community consultation, tender submissions, sampling of various media (gas, soil vapour, water, sediment, soil), and sub-contractor management.

Sarah Dale

Senior Consultant

Sarah is an environmental consultant at Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA) with 5 years’ experience in environmental consulting. Sarah has relevant industry experience in environmental management, environmental planning, waste management and land and water projects across a range of renewable, linear and development projects. Sarah also has skills in Project Management and Spatial Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and environmental data analysis.

Jordan Murray

Senior Consultant

Jordan has over 7 years’ experience in environmental management and consulting. Jordan has experience in providing specialist input to environmental impact assessments for a range of projects such as road upgrades, mining and general industry. Jordan is skilled with NSW and Commonwealth environmental and safety legislation. He has undertaken environmental monitoring duties, calibration, fieldwork and rehabilitation activities and projects.

Lucinda O’Sullivan


Lucinda O’Sullivan has 3 years’ experience as an environmental consultant within the Hunter Valley region. Previously specialising in on-site wastewater management with experience in erosion and sediment control. Lucinda brings to the IEMA team her demonstrated skills in environmental assessment and project management along with expertise in soil science, hydrology and geographic information systems (GIS).

Olivia O'Shannessy


Olivia began her career with IEMA in 2020 via a Work Placement Program while studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management at Newcastle University. Olivia values working collaboratively to achieve sustainability goals. She has experience in environmental compliance reporting, auditing, preparation of management plans, and risk assessments within the mining and extractives industry, poultry industry, linear infrastructure projects, and government.

Fran Giepmans


Fran has 2 years’ experience in Environmental Management. She graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management in June 2022. Since then, Fran worked with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and Defence Australia, but recently decided to cross over to the private sector, joining IEMA in January 2024. Fran has experience in writing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports, interpreting NSW and Commonwealth environmental legislation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), community consultation, and stakeholder engagement.

Kristen McMahon


Kristen is a Graduate Environmental Consultant with qualifications from the University of Newcastle in Environmental Science and Management. She has experience in stakeholder engagement, assisting in mine closure planning and site knowledge providing well rounded expertise to IEMA.

Luke Papanis

Graduate Consultant

Luke is a Graduate Consultant who first started working with the IEMA team as an Undergraduate. During Luke’s studies at the University of Newcastle, he completed two exchange semesters to Japan and the Netherlands where he then brought that new-found global environmental knowledge back to the IEMA team. Luke has experience relating to rehabilitation plans, annual reviews, GIS, and community consultation.

Boris Arenas

Associate GIS Consultant

Boris brings over 15 years’ geospatial data management, survey and land administration experience, specializing in data capture, analysis and geoprocessing automation, providing valuable knowledge for supporting documentation and calculation reports. Boris has a long career in Mining, both in Operation and Exploration, beginning his career as field data collector using real-time data collection apps for government infrastructure surveys, to then turn to private sector as title/tenure specialist, developing automated update process for title data. His data analysis capabilities and geoprocessing automation abilities are highly valuable tools for enhancing and automating reporting.

Harrison Rees Parkes

Senior Spatial Data and GIS Analyst

Harrison has 3 years of experience working as a Spatial Data and GIS Analyst on projects with Archaeology & Heritage and Environmental consultancies. Harrison has a background in Earth Science and Geography, with experience in Soils & Landform reporting, Data Management, GIS Drafting, and Field Data Collection including Drone Operation.

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