9am, 28 November
Newcastle, Australia

IEMA and CS-VUE Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Environmental Compliance
IEMA, a leader in environmental management and advisory services, and CS-VUE, a SaaS platform that tracks, manages and audits environmental performance and compliance, today announced their strategic partnership. IEMA recognises the potential of CS-VUE to streamline, automate and ensure the highest levels of compliance for Australian organisations across a wide range of sectors, particularly government, mining, infrastructure and agricultural enterprises; so, IEMA has positioned themselves as the first Australian Product Partner of CS-VUE.

IEMA’s Commitment to Excellence in Environmental Management
“IEMA has always been dedicated to providing top-tier environmental management services,” said IEMA Managing Director, Andrew Hutton. “By partnering with CS-VUE and offering their cutting-edge technology in Australia, we’re enhancing our ability to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions to our clients. Our team is excited to support the implementation and ongoing management of CS-VUE’s platform, ensuring seamless integration for our clients.”

CS-VUE’s Technological Edge in Compliance Management
“The collaboration with IEMA represents a significant milestone for CS-VUE,” stated Wayne Fisher, CS-VUE General Manager. ” Our platform is designed to offer unparalleled insights into environmental compliance and risk management, and continues to evolve alongside the industry thanks to our Continuous Improvement approach to software development. Although we already service several Australian clients, with IEMA’s expertise and local presence we’re poised to bring our innovative solutions to a wider market, further advancing our mission of simplifying compliance and project approval management through technology. Our digital sensor integration capability is what sets us apart; most organisations still track environmental data via a myriad of manual spreadsheets, whilst CS-VUE delivers real-time, automated environmental performance reporting on one platform.”

“Our alliance with IEMA will, first and foremost, help more Australian organisations develop and maintain an exemplary compliance track record. This record ensures the avoidance of prosecution; stronger relationships and transparency with regulators; and retainment of the all-important social licence to operate. CS-VUE is also proven to help organisations become more efficient and sustainable, and to empower decision-makers with crucial insights for governance, financial management, expansion and land use planning.”

A Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Future
This partnership represents a union of IEMA’s extensive experience in environmental management consulting with CS-VUE’s technological prowess and expertise in environmental performance and engineering. Together, they aim to set new standards in environmental compliance and sustainability.

About IEMA
IEMA, with over 25 years of experience, provides environmental management and advisory services across various sectors.

About CS-VUE
CS-VUE is a cloud-based platform that adds value to environmental monitoring and governance risk and compliance management. Via the user-friendly interface, organisations can collect and store all internal and external compliance data and documents in one place, with customised alert systems to ensure no compliance event or renewal is overlooked.

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