Pioneering a New Era in Environmental Management and Compliance: The IEMA & CS-VUE Strategic Partnership

In the dynamic field of environmental management and compliance, the collaboration between IEMA and CS-VUE stands out as a beacon of innovation and expertise. This partnership is further solidified with IEMA acting as the Australian reseller for CS-VUE, bringing together IEMA’s vast experience in environmental consulting with CS-VUE’s advanced technological solutions.

IEMA Experience in Environmental Management Consulting and Advisory

Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA), founded in 2018, is distinguished by its experienced team proficient in delivering diverse environmental projects across various sectors, including mining, extractive industries, ports, agriculture, industry, and government. With over 25 years of combined experience in operational, consultancy, and governmental roles, IEMA excels in providing comprehensive environmental management and advisory services. These services are designed to aid businesses in fulfilling their environmental and community responsibilities, all while maintaining a “social licence to operate.”

CS-VUE’s Technological Edge in Compliance Management

CS-VUE revolutionises the field with its cloud-based platform, offering exceptional solutions for environmental monitoring and governance risk and compliance (GRC) metrics management.

Via the user-friendly interface, our clients can collect and store all compliance data in one place, with customised alert systems to ensure no compliance event or renewal is overlooked.

With extensive digital sensor integration functionality, CS-VUE can collect and streamline data for even the most complex environmental performance indicators. The platform collects sensor feeds, along with any manual data entry and automated project tracking, and produces detailed compliance reports, or wide-scope overviews for project management and executive decision-making.

Most environmental management software does not extend beyond the realms of environmental compliance. CS-VUE enables you to see the big picture, with all types of GRC risk assessment, consents, environmental management plans and compliance monitoring data pertaining to your company on one dynamic platform.

CS-VUE has proven successful in ensuring the highest levels of compliance for organisations across multiple industries, globally. The platform supports and streamlines our mission to ensure our clients maintain their regulatory and social licences to operate, and maintain an exemplary track record of Compliance.



CS-VUE delivers exceptional risk and compliance monitoring and analysis functionality across a wide range of industries and locations.

  • Online consent database
  • Real-time compliance monitoring
  • Obligation alerting system
  • Create a clear hierarchy of user responsibilities
  • Obligation alerting system
  • Decreased legal and financial risk
  • Increased transparency, internally and publicly
  • Option for unlimited users and data storage; the platform grows with your organisation
  • Organisational knowledge retention through improved staff handover management
  • Customisable to the unique processes and structures of each organisation and niche industry
  • Decreased compliance costs through efficient software processes
  • Enables leadership to make informed decisions around environmental performance
  • Effective alert systems; never miss a key compliance deadline
  • Enables leadership to make informed decisions around environmental performance
  • Data can be accessed by authorised users from any location, any time
  • Cloud based software; no hardware or installation issues

A Synergistic Approach for Advanced Compliance and Risk Management

This partnership, underscored by IEMA’s role as the Australian reseller, is set to redefine industry standards. It offers tailored solutions that cater to specific organisational needs, combining IEMA’s consulting expertise with CS-VUE’s technological innovations.

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The strategic partnership between IEMA and CS-VUE, with IEMA as the Australian reseller, marks a significant advancement in environmental management and compliance. This collaboration represents a harmonious blend of seasoned consulting experience and cutting-edge technology, setting new benchmarks for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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